The Massachusetts Center for Civic Education is a private, non-profit, non-partisan organization that promotes civic education in Massachusetts public and private schools and communities. Our programs are implemented with the assistance of a network of public and private sector organizations and educational leaders throughout the state of Massachusetts. MACCE became a 501(c).3 in 2015 in order to continue promoting the national Center for Civic Education programs.

Our Mission

To create generations of responsible, educated, and involved citizens by promoting civic learning and engagement.

Our History

The Center for Civic Education We The People program began in 1987 as our nation recognized the bicentennial of our U.S. Constitution. Massachusetts began its association with this program at that time and has continued for the last 34 years. The program has been used in over 200 schools in Massachusetts since its inception. Its sister program, Project Citizen, began in 1993 and has been a successful addition in helping develop civic engagement in our youth.

Both programs bookcase the essentials in civic education: knowledge and understanding of the American form of government (We the People) and opportunities to participate in the system of government at the local, state, and national levels (Project Citizen).

Since 2011 the federal government has not funded these programs. Opportunities for professional development have diminished, however, both the state competitions for the We the People program and the state showcase for Project Citizen have continued thanks to the participation of the teachers and the dedication of the coordinators and volunteers.

It is our intention through this website and the formation of the Massachusetts Center for Civic Education non-profit organization that we can revitalize our programs in the Commonwealth.